Systems assembly & Integration

Mechanical & Electrical assemblies and integration services are: contractor services for parts, components and equipment assembly and system integration. They vary from each other in their manufacturing capacity, raw material selection, utilizations, applications and industries, authorization and Standards Association Stamp according to their geographical location (crucial for delivery time and relevance). There are various assembly levels.

Possibilities for different raw materials usage in which contractors specialize can be: aluminum, tin, bronze, steel, stainless-steel, titanium, plastics, glass, ceramics, etc. In the point of view of the utilizations fields and industries, the assembly service providers can specialize in the fields of Aviation, Semiconductor capital equipment, Printing, Commerce, Medical and Cosmetics, Communications, etc. Each of these industries segments has its own requirements and characteristics in relation to the field of mechanical & electrical assembly.

In order to choose the most suitable assembly service, it is important to carry out a quality analysis of the required assembly. For example EU or UL marks represent European requirements standards or standard laboratory requirements that their meaning is expressed in the standards required of medical products, safety and environmental protection. The various ISO standards provide a common international framework for quality control systems, environmental control, measurements and evaluation. Standard requirements of General Motors are similar to a regular standard, but contain certain requirements specific to vehicle assembly, same for Semiconductor with the Semi Standard and CE (Copy Exactly) specific standards for this specific industry capital equipment.
There are many other examples of standards under which a contractor is selected in order to assemble compliance to the product demands.

All of the factors above, impact the relevance of the assembly operation in reference to a specific product and the efficiency in providing a service under the specific production conditions required.

Harel S.B. assembles and integrates systems of various types:

  • POWER supply assembly (High & Low voltage)
  • Power management (PDU, PDB etc..) assembly
  • Electrical cabinets and electrical racks assembly
  • Models & Prototypes assembly and integration
  • Medical field systems(I.e. medical simulator) assembly and integration
  • An assembly and routing of cable sets, on customer site, on top of customer’s machines and according to demand.
  • Working Stations assembly
  • Various Controllers (Motion and Automation control) assembly and wiring
  • Industrial computers assembly

Additionally, Harel. S.B. assembles mechanical packaging in small quantities at different levels. These assemblies are carried out by various manufacturers which are expert in their field including assembly in accordance to costumer’s requirements.