Production and Design of Electrical Cabinets according to SPEC at Full T.KProduction and Design of Electrical Cabinets according to Specifications at Full T.K

Following is a brief explanation on our production work flow:

The electrical cabinet may be at any size required, from a box size (plastic-D2) to full size of up to several meters, depending on the customer demand and planning.

We in Harel H.B. accompany the design phase and advise the customer from proto-type production to the serial production phase (after getting customer approval).

Providing rapid response to design changes and improvements required by the customer.

Each Distribution board which is built by us is checked in the quality test department in which are tested several parameters:

  • Mechanical assembly of electrical parts, DIN RAIL, wires canals, cables, strengthening testing torque wrench closure.
  • Checking of wiring before electrification, AWG, isolation of wires according to customer demands (300V-600V), cable shoes and wire finalizing matching the diameter specification of the customer.
  • Checking of electrical isolation through Ohmmeter that tests the dripping of the grounding.
  • Provision of distribution-board and checking all the electrical components and their operation.
  • Each distribution-board is being reported in the undamaged and usable form.

According to customer requirements and to the Harel S.B. design:

A. Harel design of mechanical parts such as: metal cabinets, additional mechanical parts required by customer specifications.

B. Electrical system design and component selection according to customer specifications.

C. Cooperation with the customer and getting his approval of the Harel proposed planning.

D. Mechanical parts production by machining companies with proven knowledge and experience.

E. Purchase of electrical components of high standards and receiving customer approval for usage.

F. Assembling prototype.

G. Mass production of the distribution-boards.

H. Distribution-board check in the quality test department.